Monty the rat catcher.

Monty is a working pedigree Border Terrier and has been a valuable asset in my work and an important part of my family since he was a pup. He travels with me most days and loves being out and about and is always eager to work. Over the years we have developed a great working relationship and bond, and this is what makes working with him a real privilage.

Monty has an amazing skill set when it comes to searching for, locating, and eliminating rats. He works calmly, quietly and methodicaly and with focus. And it is these charcteristics that make him suitable for assisting with rat control in domestic properties, buisness premises, industrial units, warehouses and military establishments. We spent 3 years providing rat control to military bases in Hampshire and Monty was key to successful and total elimination of rats in military hardware facilities and also food preparation facilities. Monty was even given 'Special Task Dog' status at RAF Odiham.

He can help me identify rat access points, areas of harbourage or nesting, identify damaged or contaminated stock and of course if possible flush and quickly dispatch any rats present. Being able to identify and eliminate a rat problem immediately and without the use of a prolonged rodenticide treatments has enormous benifits.  Firstly, the are no poisons to worry about. This is important in food storage and preparation premises. It can also be reassuring to staff who may be concerned about being in contact with poisons. Secondly, if a rat can be dealt with when detected then the risk to health for staff and public is reduced, and businesses can resume or reopen saving time and money. And finally, if there is no poisons being used, then there is no risk to other animal or bird species. Using Monty to control rats is very target specific.

Obviously not all situation are suitable for working Monty, and his welfare and wellbeing are always priority.



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